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Ninja Theory Answers Fan's Questions on Hellblade

Steve Bitto

Earlier today, Ninja Theory answered fan's questions on Twitter regarding their recently announced title, Hellblade. They discussed everything from exclusivity, to gameplay, to its connection to Heavenly Sword. Here is a recap of the information gathered from the #NinjaQuery.


Hellblade is what Ninja Theory is calling an "independent AAA" game. This means it will fall somewhere in between a traditional indie game and a AAA title from a major publisher. Expect high quality but shorter in length and at a lower price.


The development team is currently very small at only 12 people and it is unlikely to grow to more than 15. The group has been hard at work for about four months and is currently optimizing combat and general gameplay using Unreal Engine 4. Hellblade is a third person hack and slash with a focus on story and combat. There will be no multiplayer and it is not open world. The story revolves around Senua, the tribal looking female from the Gamescom teaser, and will draw on Celtic mythology.


Lastly, the game has absolutely no connection to Heavenly Sword. Hellblade is a completely new IP with new ideas and new characters. Sorry, Nariko fan club.


Ninja Theory's new project and approach to publishing will be beneficial to gamers in the long run because they expand creativity and diversity in video games. Expect to hear and see more on Hellblade sometime next week. Until then stay tuned to Game Podunk for updates.



Source: Twitter


What are your initial impressions of Hellblade and what questions might you want answered in the next #NinjaQuery?

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