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Nintendo Considering a Wii U Name Change?

Jordan Haygood

You heard me right, folks. According to CVG, Nintendo is considering a name change for the Wii U prior to this year's E3. And seeing how this is from the same source who first revealed news about the Wii U's controller specs, this name change could be entirely true.


Of course, there's a legitimate reason why Nintendo might be changing the Wii U branding. Upon the release of the Nintendo 3DS, there wasn't a whole lot about the name that differentiated it from its predecessor - the Nintendo DS. This is supposedly the main reason why the 3DS sold so poorly at first.


In response to the poor 3DS sales, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told investors that the Wii U needs to learn a "bitter lesson" from the 3DS' mistakes. And since Mr. Iwata seems so set on learning from past naming mistakes, this Wii U name change sounds really plausible.


And since the Wii U showing at E3 2011 was a bit lackluster, even resulting in a major drop in Nintendo shares, this little name change could be a smart move for Nintendo.


How do you feel about the possible name change? Are you excited about it? Did you like the name Wii U?


Source: CVG

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