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3D Gunstar Heroes, Sonic 2, and Streets of Rage 2 Coming This Summer

Jonathan Higgins

Remember when SEGA announced the second wave of their 3D Classics was coming west back in November 2014? 3D OutRun and others have already arrived on the eShop, while games like 3D Fantasy Zone 2 (this Thursday) and 3D Thunder Blade (this May) are still coming as planned. Still, I had always hoped for my three favorite games from SEGA's golden era to be ported over, eventually: Streets of Rage 2, Gunstar Heroes, and Sonic 2.


As it turns out...SEGA has officially granted my wish. All three of those games are confirmed, and they are coming west this summer. 3D Streets of Rage 2 will be released this July. 3D Gunstar Heroes is coming in August. And 3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2 will arrive this September.




As with all the 3D Classics from SEGA, they're being ported over by M2, who famously puts a lot of tender loving care into these titles. ....These were the three games I was most excited to eventually experience. So now that they're coming, I want to ask all of you: what SEGA Genesis games would you like to see given the 3D Classics treatment?


Does anyone own any of the current SEGA 3D Classics available on the eShop? Are you looking forward to playing one or all of these three this summer? Let us know!


Source: SEGA of America Blog

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