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A New Harvest Moon Game Is Coming To Japan In 2014

Jason Clement

That's right, it's been some 2 years since the last Harvest Moon came out in Japan so it's right about time for a new one. Formally announced in this week's Famitsu, the newest Harvest Moon's subtitle, Tsunagari Shintench, translates to something like 'Linking the New World' or 'Connecting New Lands'.


The new mechanic this time around has to do with a trading station that will allow you to buy and sell goods from foreign nations, which allows you to obtain new stuff for your town. At the start, you'll only be able to trade with one nation, and then eventually build up from there.


Series producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto has said that the game will support StreetPass as well as WiFi, so you can trade with friends as well as visit their farms. Another new feature is a Safari Zone where you'll be able to visit wild animals and build up a sanctuary of sorts for them. This game is also supposed to have twice the amount of animals than previous games (though most are wild animals).


There's no US release date announced yet for this new Harvest Moon, but it will be launching in February 2014 in Japan.


Source: Gematsu


Are you excited for a new Harvest Moon game?

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