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Amazon Instant Video and Youtube Now Playing on Wii U

Marcus Estrada

Have you got a Wii U with you on this Thanksgiving holiday? If so, you may want to use it for things other than gaming. Today it was announced that both the Youtube and Amazon Instant Video applications now work with the system, following the Netflix app from launch. These are all getting set up before Wii U TVii launches sometime in December.


What does the Youtube app bring to the system? In comparison to other Youtube apps elsewhere, all relevant video info will display on the GamePad during playback. You may also use the touch screen on it to key in search terms, or simply browse through your subscriptions (if logged in). Videos can be viewed at up to 1080p resolution as well.


Amazon's Instant Video app is similar when it comes to searching. You will also perform searches through the GamePad in order to find what you want. However, unlike Youtube, you can stream the video content onto the GamePad directly. Some new features included in this app over those available on other devices is that there are now ways to set up parental controls or search specifically for family-friendly entertainment.


Both applications are free and available to download now through the Wii U menu. Just expect that there may be a few bugs to work out between now and TVii's launch.

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