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Atooi's Chicken Wiggle gets a release date, coming soon to 3DS

Jason Clement

Chicken Wiggle, the newest brainchild of game designer Jools Watsham (formerly of Renegade Kid, now of Atooi), is coming to 3DS eShop soon and finally has a release date: August 17.


For those not in the know, Chicken Wiggle is a platformer in the same vein as Watsham's previous games, such as the Mutant Mudd series -- in which you run, jump, and overcome platforming obstacles in order to make your way to the goal in each level while attempting to pick up collectibles along the way.


One of this game's key elements is using the chicken's wormy friend as a sort of grappling hook mechanic which will pull you toward walls and ceilings. You'll also be able to create and share your own levels as well.


Check out the action in the game's release date trailer below!



If you're interested in checking out more screenshots and videos of the game, you can head over to Chicken Wiggle's website. And if you missed it previously, check out our review for Watsham's last game, Mutant Mudds: Super Challenge.


Source: Atooi


Are you interested in checking out Chicken Wiggle?

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