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Bravely Second Trademarked in Europe

Jonathan Higgins

A while back, I was shocked that we ever got localization news regarding Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. Given the game“s great success in the United States and Europe, though, I figured news of Bravely Second“s localization was a matter of when, not if. Still--plenty have been fearful, since the game has been out and performing well in Japan for a while.


I“m happy to report that localization news may be coming sooner versus later. “Bravely Second” has been trademarked in Europe. Given that we“re so close to E3, where things like the Nintendo Digital Event and a Square-Enix Press Conference are both happening (on June 16th)...I“d say an official announcement is just around the corner. Don“t get too excited just yet, but I think this snowball is bound to turn into an avalanche of good news in June.


Would you buy Bravely Second “Day 1” (or later) if it comes to the West? Be sure to let us know!

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