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Capcom Reveals Monster Hunter Stories, Coming to 3DS in Japan

Jonathan Higgins

My best friend is as into the Monster Hunter series as I am into Pokémon. She's tried very hard to get me into the series, including taking me to a Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate event hosted by Nintendo of Australia when I went (a long way) to visit her at the end of January. Still, as much as I've tried to get into Monster Hunter, many things about it just aren't for me.


It seems Capcom has heard from a lot of people like me, and perhaps wants to do something a little different to mix up the Monster Hunter formula for old fans while reeling in potential new ones. Monster Hunter Stories is officially a thing, an RPG spin-off coming to the Nintendo 3DS in 2016.


The trailer, seen below, shows off a Hunter and his palico companion. They're after an egg, and...well...things go amiss. These visuals are unlike anything seen in the series so far, with a cell-shaded look and cartoonish appeal that would make most immediately think of Wind Waker.



Since this game was just revealed, there's very little information to go on. Still, there's the official website. And I'll be sure to update you with more information (and hopefully a localization announcement) as it comes. This is definitely the kind of experience I can get into!


Are you on the fence like me about Monster Hunter as a series? Does an experience like this interest you? How does seeing this make you veteran hunters feel? Be sure to let us know!

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