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Club Nintendo Offers a Chance to Win a Set of 400+ Kid Icarus AR Cards


As if you needed yet another good reason to nab a copy of Kid Icarus: Uprising! Today, Nintendo has announced an awesome sounding sweepstakes that gives you the chance to win a set of Kid Icarus AR cards. 400+ cards, to be precise.


All you need to do to enter in this giveaway is register your copy of Kid Icarus: Uprising on the Club Nintendo website. Fill out the survey as you would any other time on Club Nintendo, but make sure you check the box at the end of it stating that you wish to enter this super special sweepstakes!


"What about the people that have already registered Kid Icarus: Uprising?" you may ask. Don't worry. Simply go to your to-do list on Club Nintendo and complete the sweepstakes item that shows up.


Good luck to everyone that enters!

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