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Could Seaman Return on a Nintendo System?

Marcus Estrada

Stranger things have happened, but if there's one thing we weren't expecting it was the possibility of a Seaman resurgence. If you're not familiar with the name it was that of a game on the Dreamcast where your goal was to take care of a pet fish and speak to it using a microphone. Oh, and the fish had a face and could talk. The freaky fish was voiced by Leonard Nimoy.


Although this game came to America, Seaman 2 on PS2 was relegated to Japan. However, it was a far different sort of adventure where you cared for a Peking Man rather than a fish. Years later, Nintendo has secured two trademarks which heavily imply they have a new Seaman game in the works.


These two are: "Mysterious Pet: Legend of the Fish With A Human Face and Mysterious Partner: Legend of the Fish With A Human Face". Now, these recently registered trademarks could be for something other than Seaman, but it doesn't seem too likely. "Fish With A Human Face" just jumps out as seeming to explicitly point to it. In either case, they were filed by Nintendo of Japan.



Did you ever play Seaman on Dreamcast?

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