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Detective Game Featuring Pikachu as an Assistant in the Works

Jason Clement

Does everybody remember that picture of a strange game with motion-capture and a creepy-looking Pikachu?


Turns out it's a new detective game that's in the works, with Pikachu being your partner. The title was revealed by The Pokemon Company's CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara on an episode of Professional Shigoto no Ryuugi on the Japanese channel NHK.


According to Serebii, a blue Pikachu that can talk is said to be the enemy in the game, and motion capture and facial recognition are supposed to figure into the game in a certain way. Of course, things may change along the road since the game is still early in development.


For now, it's expected to have a two year development cycle, with an expected 2015 release. No word on which company is developing it just yet either.


Image credit: Serebii.net


What do you make of this game? Are you interested?

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