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E3 2013: Mario Kart 8 Announced For Wii U

Jason Clement

Nintendo previously announced that they would show off a new Mario Kart for Wii U at E3 2013, and today they delivered on that promise as Mario Kart 8 was announced in the latest Nintendo Direct presentation.


Mario Kart 8 looks to carry on the gliding mechanic introduced in Mario Kart 7, as well as driving underwater, and also adding the ability to ride a motorcycle (as in Mario Kart Wii) but the new gameplay focus in this version is on anti-gravity. Players will be able to play through courses that shift to driving on the walls as well as driving upside-down.


Iwata has promised that the game would feature the "best collection of multiplayer modes the series has yet seen" as well, so stay tuned for more information on that in the future.


Mario Kart 8 is currently slated for release in Spring 2014. You can check out a trailer for the game below.


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