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E3 2016: Rhythm Heaven Megamix gets a surprise release on 3DS eShop today

Jason Clement

If you were expecting Rhythm Heaven Megamix later on this Fall-- well, I have good news for you. Nintendo announced that it's available for purchase right now on the 3DS eShop for $29.99.


True to its name, Rhythm Heaven Megamix features a mix of the most memorable minigames from past Rhythm Heaven titles and mixes them up into a sort of best hits collection. There are also a number of new minigames designed for this game as well, in addition to a story linking them altogether.


But what about a physical release, you say? Nothing regarding this was announced, making it appear as if Megamix is a digital exclusive for the moment. If a physical release does happen, we'll let you know.



Will you be downloading and playing Rhythm Heaven Megamix?

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