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Grant Kirkhope Shares Perfect Dark Album

Marcus Estrada

One of the things that has always seemed odd is how many video games have great music but never get an official album release. Instead, fans end up rigging methods to capture or rip the audio themselves for free consumption. Grant Kirkhope's music has been available by album, but the albums have since become hard to come by. That's why lately Kirkhope has been uploading tracks himself.


Last month he uploaded both the Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie albums to his BandCamp page. Visitors could pay to download the tracks but they were also available for free. It was quite a generous move on his part considering he could easily charge for all downloads.


Now Kirkhope is back again with the soundtrack to Perfect Dark for the Nintendo 64. Some modern gamers might not understand the appeal of Kirkhope's work but the music coming out of Rare was quite memorable. Of course, the games were pretty great as well. With three albums released in a row we now wonder what game might be next.

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