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Itagaki's Devil's Third Resurrected as a Wii U Exclusive

Jason Clement

Many gamers might remember Tomonobu Itagaki's Devil's Third, which was in development at his current studio Valhalla Studios in conjunction with THQ, but after the latter company dissolved, the game's fate was uncertain. Until today, that is.


At E3, it was revealed that Devil's Third will live on as a Wii U exclusive thanks to Nintendo. The game features a mixture of melee combat, cover- and first-person shooting, and also will have competitive multiplayer modes, a level editor, character customization, and more.


According to Itagaki, he mentioned that Nintendo "really understands his vision" so he felt that he had to work with them when given the opportunity.


We'll have more on the game as news develops, but in the meantime you can check out video footage of the game below.


Warning: This video contains NSFW content. You also need to sign into your Youtube account to view it.



Source: IGN


What do you think about Devil's Third being made a Wii U exclusive?

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