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Kimishima: amiibo Collecting Was Never Nintendo's Intention

Jason Clement

Ever since amiibo debuted late last year, it was obvious to many that the #1 reason people were buying them was to either collect or display them in their own home. And -- again -- it's likely that most thought it was a well-executed or elaborate scheme on Nintendo's part to tap into the collector's mentality to sell as many amiibo as possible.


Surely Nintendo had 'collecting' in mind when they started selling them, right? How could they not?


Well, according to Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima, the company was taken aback about the collecting aspect. In fact, it was never their intention to have the little figures be viewed as such. Kimishima weighed in on the matter in a recent interview with Time magazine, saying:


"Our earliest goal for the Amiibo was to have these connected to software and have them enhance the play experience for the consumer, and for other consumers to say ”I see my friend using this Amiibo with that software and it looks great,“ and again increase that attractiveness of that combination.


What we“re seeing instead is that the Amiibo are being picked up more as a collection item at this point, rather than, say, as an interactive item with software. And so we haven“t really established them as an enhancement for all of our software at this point.


I think again that challenge is, how can we connect that IP to our software in general, and using the Amiibo to further enhance the play activity will allow us to get more people looking at, they see the Amiibo, they tie it back to the game experience, and then we“re creating a stronger connection with general knowledge of our IP and that fun experience they have.”


Of course, the collecting aspect is an unexpected yet beneficial by-product of Nintendo's original plan for amiibo, but it would seem that the company is poised to increase the amount of value they contribute toward games in the near future.


Hopefully this means we'll be getting less extras based on aesthetic bonuses and more that actually enhance the gameplay, but time will tell.


Source: Time.com (via Nintendo Enthusiast)


Are you surprised that Nintendo never intended for amiibo to become collector's items?

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