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Level-5 Bringing Inazuma Eleven and Final Guild01 Game to North America

Jason Clement

Inazuma Eleven is a game that's infamous for having not been released in North America despite Nintendo's and Level-5's intention to do so over the years. But that all changed today when it was announced in today's Nintendo Direct that not only is the game finally coming to North America, it's actually already here.


Described as a soccer RPG, players manage their team by training their teammates, helping them to learn new skills, and recruiting new players. The game is already a hit sensation in Japan and Europe, so Level-5 is hoping for similar success here in the States. You can purchase and download the game for $19.99 on the 3DS eShop right now.


Also confirmed to be coming to North America is Level-5's lost Guild01 title, Weapon Shop de Omasse, a unique game which has players managing a weapon shop inside an RPG. You'll need to tap the touch screen along with the music in order to forge different customer's weapons, and your accuracy reflects how well it turns out when it's finished. Weapon Shop de Omasse will be available on the 3DS eShop on Feb. 20 for $7.99.


You can check out the trailer for Inazuma Eleven below.




/Press Release


Are you interested in Inazuma Eleven or Weapon Shop de Omasse?

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