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Mewtwo To Have Mega Evolutions Exclusive To Each Version of Pokémon X and Y

Jason Clement

Remember when it was revealed that Mewtwo would have another evolution in Pokémon X & Y? Suffice it to say, the reaction from fans was quite mixed indeed, with many being opposed to the look of the new Mewtwo evolution while others were more accepting of it.


Well, buckle up and get ready for some more Pokémon-shattering news - according to new scans from CoroCoro magazine, there are actually two mega evolutions for Mewtwo, where each will be exclusive to one version or the other.


The first mega evolution we saw is apparently known as Mega Mewtwo Y, which is, you guessed it, exclusive to Pokémon Y. Accordingly, the other is known as Mega Mewtwo X (and is exclusive to Pokémon X) and looks a lot more similar to the normal Mewtwo than the Y version does. Mega Mewtwo X is also reportedly a psychic/fighting-type and has the ability Steadfast. Both mega evolutions are achieved either by using the items Mewtwonite X or Mewtwonite Y.


As for Mega Mewtwo X, you can catch a glimpse of him here from the CoroCoro scan on Serebii. Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are slated for release on October 12 for $39.99 each through both the 3DS eShop and retail.


Special thanks to Serebii.net for translating the news and sharing the scans


What are your opinions on the two mega evolutions for Mewtwo? Which do you like more?

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