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Monster Hunter Generations gearing up for a Summer release

Jason Clement

Today Capcom finally announced the release date for Monster Hunter Generations (known as Monster Hunter X in Japan), which will be July 15, for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.


Also coming on the same day is a special Monster Hunter Generations New Nintendo 3DS, which comes in a blue hue and features artwork of the Fated Four -- a new group of elite monsters that players will be facing in the game. Unfortunately, the special edition Monster Hunter Generations New 3DS will not come bundled with the game.


Although the game is compatible with the complete 3DS family of systems, it really sounds like Capcom is pushing the New 3DS as the best way to play it, especially considering the improved visuals, ZL and ZR buttons that are completely mappable, and the added camera fluidity that the C-stick provides.


New additions to Monster Hunter Generations include four unique hunting styles, different Hunter Arts you can equip, more than 20 different hunting locations, and more.


Also, a demo will be released at some point before the game's release, though the time and date for that will be revealed sometime later. You can check out one of the latest trailers for the game below.



Source: Press Release


Are you excited for Monster Hunter Generations?

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