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Mutant Mudds Super Challenge Announced for 3DS, Wii U

Jonathan Higgins

Jools Watsham at Renegade Kid has been teasing a new game announcement from Renegade Kid for a few days now.


Today, on the third anniversary of Mutant Mudds' release, he took to Twitter to announce Mutant Mudds Super Challenge for 3DS and Wii U:



One last bit of info from Jools is that Mutant Mudds Super Challenge will not replace Mutant Mudds 2. "Think of it as more of a delicious stepping stone of fun and challenge," Watsham mentioned.


As aforementioned, this month's Nintendo Force offers more information on the next game from Renegade Kid, including two new world themes, as well as the one shown in the article above. We'll offer more details as they come! Be sure to check out our review of Mutant Mudds if you haven't already! Also be sure to swing by Renegade Kid's official site.


Are you excited for Mutant Mudds Super Challenge? Be sure to let us know!

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