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New 3DS XL Bundle Includes Mario Kart 7

Marcus Estrada

Are you one of the people out there still lusting for a 3DS? What about simply wanting to upgrade your current 3DS for a lager screen? It's not as if gamers aren't starved for choice as to what version and color of the system they want, but Nintendo has just announced a new holiday bundle for their 3DS XL in North America.


First off, the 3DS XL included is blue/black and comes with a copy of Mario Kart 7 installed on it. As such, there is presumably no game cart or case inside, but just the data ready to go on the handheld. This bundle is going to be available for a limited time (through the holiday season) once it arrives on December 2nd. If you're interested, the bundle is set to cost $200. In comparison, just buying a 3DS XL by itself also costs $200.


While the bundle may be limited, the blue/black system isn't. That dual color scheme, along with the red/black one, both arrived earlier in the year and are still available. If you're interested in Mario Kart and like blue systems though then this looks like the bundle to grab.

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