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New Club Nintendo Prize for 3DS Gamers


Along with making two downloadable games available for redemption in Club Nintendo today, it seems we're also getting another new and pretty nifty item. This new item is a Nintendo 3DS Game Card Case and will most certainly prove useful in carrying around all your 3DS (and DS too!) games in one easy-to-carry case.


While it may not include seven different colored styluses like the other DS card cases Club Nintendo offers, it does come with four interchangeable double-sided covers. Because it does not include styluses, however, this 3DS card case is able to hold 18 games versus only 9 games.


And the best part is that the Nintendo 3DS Game Card Case is available for redemption at a mere 250 coins. So hurry on over to Club Nintendo if you're interested!







What kinds of prizes would you like to see in Club Nintendo?

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