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New NX rumors detail what form it may take

Jason Clement

As we continue to get closer and closer to the big NX blowout by Nintendo later this year, more rumors from different sources are beginning to circulate around the industry. The latest round of rumors -- this time coming from Eurogamer -- indicate that the NX will, as many suspected, be a hybrid system, but not quite in the way you probably expected.


Eurogamer's sources indicate that the NX will be a portable device with detachable controllers on both sides of a central screen. The portable will then be able to connect with a docking station that can project the game onto a TV screen.


Some other details that the rumors go into:


- It will use cartridges instead of discs


- It will use an Nvidia Tegra mobile processor; some say the X1 it's currently using is a placeholder for the newer X2, but unsure.


- No plans for backward compatibility due to the radical change in hardware

It will run on a new OS by Nintendo, not Android


- Nintendo not chasing graphical parity, so the choice of processor seems to indicate it will be more powerful than Wii U but less powerful than PS4/XB1


- Global reveal planned for September


With the likelihood that the NX is a hybrid console, that would mean that Nintendo would be able to utilize most of their resources to making games for just one platform rather than splitting them 50/50 the way they did with 3DS and Wii U. In any case, remember that these are rumors for now, so take everything here with a grain of salt until we hear otherwise.


Source: Eurogamer


What are your thoughts on the new NX rumors?

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