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Nintendo: Animal Crossing Would Need a New Style to Suit a Console Game

Jason Clement

Over the years, Nintendo seems to have alternated between console and handheld versions of the Animal Crossing series, and now with Animal Crossing: New Leaf having released last year, fans are wondering what might be in store for a potential console version for Wii U.


While Nintendo isn't quite ready to talk about a new Animal Crossing for Wii U just yet, series producer Katsuya Eguchi had a few interesting things to say in an interview with Polygon about what would need to happen first. Essentially, Eguchi recognized that the series in its current format is tailor-made for handhelds, and because of that, Animal Crossing: City Folk for Wii didn't progress the series as much as they would have liked.


"...if we were to create an Animal Crossing for a home console, I think we would really have to invent a new style that's suitable for the platform," Eguchi said. "The environment in which the player is playing the game is very important, so we need to think that through before we start creating something like that."


"We might not have been able to do that for Wii," he said, "but whether it's the Wii U or a future hardware, it's important to think about what environment the player will be in."


What exactly that new style would entail is unknown at this point. Eguchi's words also seem to indicate that a console version may be further off than originally thought, unless he's referring to the process of brainstorming they may be doing for a potential Wii U version right now. In the meantime, it's good to know that a new console version in the series would be different enough from New Leaf as that was one of Animal Crossing: City Folk's biggest criticisms in 2008. With E3 less than 3 months away now, perhaps we could hear something more from Nintendo during the industry's biggest trade show.


Would you be interested in a console version of Animal Crossing that is different in style from the handheld games?

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