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Nintendo Announces Blast Ball for 3DS

Jason Clement

Nintendo of America announced yet a second game during the Nintendo World Championships 2015 today; this one being a new IP called Blast Ball, a sort of take on soccer but with mechs, and shooting the ball instead of kicking it.


The game was announced and then subsequently demoed for the first time at the NWC 2015 when one round had contestants competing in one of the game's levels.


Curiously, the game does resemble Metroid Prime in some fashion; the first-person, gun-centric mode certainly recalls Metroid Prime Hunters for DS. A popular fan theory going around is that this might actually be repurposed from a first-person Metroid for handhelds that was cancelled at some point.


At any rate, expect to hear more information on Blast Ball on Tuesday when Nintendo rolls out their E3 Digital Presentation.


What are your thoughts on Blast Ball?

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