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Nintendo Badge Arcade Launches as a Free Download on 3DS

Jason Clement

Remember Collectible Badge Center? It was a 3DS game (more of an application, really) that launched in Japan late last year that let players play a virtual crane game to win digital badges that are based off of Nintendo's characters and properties.


Anyhow... surprise! The game is now available as Nintendo Badge Center in North America on the 3DS eShop as a free-to-start title, and is soon coming to Europe on November 13 as well.


The first five tries are free each day, though you'll need to pay a dollar for each additional five tries until the next day. However, you can get additional free tries every so often; I actually got some by playing the practice mode, which you can also only do once a day.


Perhaps the coolest thing about this game (app?) is that you can decorate your 3DS home screen with the badges that you acquire, and some even go along with special themes you can get as well. Also, there are some nifty badges that you can use to replace the look of certain 3DS applications, such as the Settings app and more.


If you haven't checked out Nintendo Badge Center yet, I definitely recommend giving it a shot.



Will you be checking out Nintendo Badge Center?

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