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Nintendo Bringing Transformers to Splatoon in a Surprising Collaboration

Jason Clement

In a surprising move, Nintendo has announced that it is teaming up with Hasbro to bring a Transformers-themed Splatfest to Splatoon very soon. During this special Splatfest, Players will get to decide if they want to be on Team Autobot or Team Decepticon, and they'll get to wear a special shirt that displays their Transformers allegiance.


This development is an interesting one since it marks the first time Nintendo has licensed a popular a franchise to be a part of one of their games (an temporary online event, no less). It's unknown if Hasbro is being compensated for this in any way, but it's not entirely farfetched to think that they could be doing this for free in exchange for free advertising.


The Transformers-themed Splatfest is scheduled to run from 9pm PST on August 28 through 9pm PST on August 29 and is open to all Splatoon players with an internet connection.


Source: Press Release


What are your thoughts on this? Are you surprised to see Nintendo teaming up with Hasbro to bring Transformers to Splatoon in this way?

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