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Nintendo Bringing Yo-Kai Watch To North America

Jason Clement

It's official: Level-5's latest Japanese game phenomenon known as Yo-Kai Watch is being brought to the West by Nintendo.


Similar in concept to Pokemon yet different, Yo-Kai Watch is centered on a boy who has a special watch that allows him to see and befriend invisible creatures called Yo-Kai, which can also be summoned to battle other Yo-Kai as well as help characters overcome everyday challenges and such.


Interestingly enough, Nintendo maintains that Yo-Kai are not ghosts, creatures, or monsters; they are simply Yo-Kai, they are everywhere (despite not being able to be seen normally), and have distinctly human-like personalities.


At the moment, it's unclear which game in the series is being brought over, but the title won't be coming until 2016. One thing is for sure, however—Nintendo and Level-5 are betting big on the game and hoping to repeat its huge success in North America and in other territories.


Source: Nintendo


What do you think of the news about Yokai-Watch being brought over to the West? Are you interested in it at all?

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