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Nintendo Download - December 4th, 2014 (North America)

Jonathan Higgins

This week's Nintendo Download is one of those rare weeks with something for everyone. Right off the bat, for those who aren't already aware: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker releases tomorrow, December 5th in North America, so that's definitely the flagship title this week. Also on Wii U, you can try the Demo Version for Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. The Nintendo 3DS eShop gets Ultimate NES Remix tomorrow, and that comes with a free theme for your system attached to the receipt of your download.


The Virtual Console on Wii U finally gets some Fire Emblem love in North America. More specifically...the first Fire Emblem to be released in the West, on Game Boy Advance. This is the one with Lyn, Eliwood and Hector. Also new to the Virtual Console on Wii U this week: Lode Runner.


And last but not least, there are a handful of sales worth mentioning: Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan is on sale for 50% off (from $29.99 to $14.99), and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers is the same price, 50% off. Both those deals last from December 8th 'til December 22nd, 2014. AeternoBlade is over 40% off (reduced from $14.99 to $7.99) from December 5th 'til December 19th.


That about does it for this week! Be sure to check out the full Press Release here for even more details.


What are you excited for this week? Will you be purchasing Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker or Ultimate NES Remix when they release tomorrow? Be sure to let us know!

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