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Nintendo Download - September 18th, 2014 (North America)

Jonathan Higgins

This week“s Nintendo Download features something many have been waiting for. So I“ll get it out of the way right off the bat! Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS has a free demo coming tomorrow. This demo is, as far as I understand, identical to the demo that Club Nintendo folks got almost a week ago. I“ll get back to you guys once I figure out if it has the limited 30 uses that the Japanese one did, or if it“s unlimited like the Special Club Nintendo one.


The Nintendo Download also praises Tuesday“s release of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call for Nintendo 3DS. If Final Fantasy music isn“t your cup of tea, perhaps you“ll be interested in Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appétit! That about does it for major retail and demo talk. On to the Virtual Console and sales!


The Virtual Console on Nintendo 3DS gets Legend of the River King 2 this week. And the Virtual Console on Wii U gets Wild Guns. This week continues the Super Smashing Sale that has discounts on Smash Bros fighters. I“ll update this article once I figure out exactly which games are discounted, but Press Release seems to suggest we“ll get Pokémon and Metroid discounts this week, plus more. Also: Moon Chronicles and Mutant Mudds (down to $5.99 from $8.99) are on sale starting today until October 2nd. Last but not least in the land of noteworthy, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars and more ATLUS games are going on sale the week of the 22nd through 29th.

That about covers this week“s Nintendo Download, beyond their mention that Hyrule Warriors is coming soon.


What are you looking forward to most in this week“s Nintendo Download? Be sure to let us know!


Source: Press Release

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