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Nintendo of America: Some Amiibo Figures Will Be Retailer-Exclusive, Third Wave Confirmed for February 2015

Jonathan Higgins

News of the Third Wave amiibos broke from Japan yesterday; that much we already knew. But if the whole scare about save data on the figures didn“t get people talking yesterday, I“m certain this bit of news will.


Keep an eye out for something we didn“t already know in this latest advertisement from Nintendo of America about the Third Wave amiibos:



In case you didn“t catch it: “Certain retail partners will release [various] amiibos as exclusive figures. So stay tuned for details.” What does this mean? If Xenoblade Chronicles being released exclusively through Gamestop is any indication, I“ll bet Shulk“s amiibo will be released exclusively through them, and nowhere else.


Oh. Wait. Looks like it“s already confirmed.


Is anyone upset by the news of amiibo-exclusivity? Will this help or hurt Nintendo“s mass market appeal in the long-run?

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