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Nintendo President Addresses Long Wii U Load Times; A Fix is On the Way

Jordan Haygood

If you're an owner Nintendo's new Wii U, you may have noticed some pretty lengthy loud times when browsing the system's OS. Many people have, including this irritated Japanese woman who gave the issue more exposure when she posted this video:





Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has since apologized via a Japanese Nintendo Direct broadcast, admitting that the load times were indeed an issue. He also stated that his company was currently working on a fix for this problem. Unfortunately, he did not mention any approximation for when this solution would be made available, so we will just have to wait and see.


The issue in question happens when moving between apps in the Wii U OS. Some load times have even been known to last as long as 40 seconds. Some people might have more patience than others, but this issue has caused some commotion since the console's release. It's fairly understandable that a system as powerful as the Wii U - which boasts 2 GB of RAM - will be sluggish at first, but hopefully those snail-like load times can be shortened in the near future. Their quick response to this issue (with the Japanese release having just happened) is definitely a good sign.


Have you had this issue on your Wii U?

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