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Nintendo Wanted Criterion to Make F-Zero at One Point

Jason Clement

F-Zero fans, brace yourself — a new report from Unseen 64's Tamaki reveals that Nintendo had at one point contacted developer Criterion Games to develop a new F-Zero game. The news comes via an anonymous source who spoke with Tamaki, but was then verified by ex-Criterion head, Alex Ward.


Criterion is best known for their pedigree in creating great racing games such as Burnout Paradise and Need for Speed: Most Wanted, so it's a shame that nothing came of this development in the end. Apparently, they were already busy developing the latter mentioned title when discussion of this first began, so they had to decline.


Also, it's notable that Criterion is an Electronic Arts-owned developer, so that might have had another thing to do with it. Fans may remember that EA pulled support from Wii U pretty quick when it turned out that their games weren't selling, and the last game they ended up releasing on the console was — in fact — Need for Speed: Most Wanted.


Given that EA has not published a Wii U title since 2013, it's unlikely Criterion will ever develop a new F-Zero game. Nevertheless, the fact that such a prospect was in the talks is fascinating to hear, and shows that Nintendo may be aggressively targeting other third party partnerships more than we had thought.


You can check out Tamaki's video where he reveals the new info below.



Source: Nintendo Life


Would you have wanted to see a new F-Zero game from Criterion?

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