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Nintendo will finally reveal the Animal Crossing mobile game in a new Direct tomorrow

Jason Clement

One of the most anticipated games to be coming out this year is the previously-announced Animal Crossing game for mobile devices -- the third Nintendo-developed mobile game after Fire Emblem Heroes' release earlier this year.


However, the game was originally supposed to launch last year but missed its window. Then E3 2017 came and went with no mention, leaving people to speculate as to what's happening with the game.


But today, Nintendo finally issued an announcement that we'll be getting an Animal Crossing Mobile Direct tomorrow, and that it will discuss the game specifically. The press release mentions that no other games -- Switch or 3DS -- will be discussed.


Nintendo has said as recently as this year that the Animal Crossing mobile game will still launch this fiscal year. However, the current fiscal year actually concludes at the end of March 2018. Is it possible the game might not launch until the new year begins? We'll have to wait and see.


The Animal Crossing Mobile Direct begins at 8pm PT/11pm ET on Oct. 24.


Source: Press Release


Are you looking forward to hearing more about the Animal Crossing mobile game?

Edited by Jason Clement

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