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Nintendo's Third Party and Indie Relations Head Damon Baker is moving on from the company

Jason Clement

If you've regularly watched the various Nintendo Direct videos over the last few years then you're more than likely familiar with Damon Baker. He's been the face for presenting indie games on Nintendo consoles ever since Dan Adelman moved on from the role in 2014, and sadly, his time is also now coming to an end at the Big N.


Baker announced his departure from the company on Twitter today, and while he gave no specifics on what lies next for him, he expressed excitement for the next opportunity as well as gratitude for the many developers, publishers, influencers etc. that he had worked with over the years.


While Adelman was known for being the first point man at Nintendo who helped establish a platform and communication line for indie games, Baker will be remembered for his cheery disposition and sophomoric efforts in continuing that legacy on the 3DS, Wii U, and more recently, Nintendo Switch. There's no word yet on who his successor will be, but you can bet we'll be introduced to them in a Nintendo Direct (or at E3) during 2019.


Source: Damon Baker (via Twitter)


Are you sad to see Damon Baker leaving Nintendo?

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