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Paper Mario: Color Splash dev explains why it isn't an RPG

Jason Clement

If you've been an avid fan of the Paper Mario series since the first game, you've seen the games transition from traditional RPGs with platforming elements to, uh... the exact reverse, and more recently, an action adventure game with a bare RPG skeleton attached to it.


Make no mistake, the most recent game -- Paper Mario: Sticker Star -- is definitely a divisive title for many fans due to its non-existent story, barely-there RPG elements, and its core sticker element causing a lot of headaches and confusion, even if we did like the game more than some.


Where does that leave the upcoming Paper Mario: Color Splash? Some fans were hoping that the game would mark a return to the traditional RPG elements of the first two games, but according to Nintendo producer Rise Tabata, the series is charting a different path for its gameplay.


Talking to Kotaku at E3 last month, Tabata described Color Splash as an "action adventure" title, and explained that the series deviated from the RPG elements from the first two games because Nintendo only wants one Mario RPG series and the Mario & Luigi series is carrying that torch now. Thus, it was determined that Paper Mario would focus on humor and puzzle-solving in order to differentiate the two series.


There is some merit to this train of thought, especially given that the most recent Mario & Luigi title was actually a crossover with Paper Mario characters, so two RPG series focused on Mario might be a little redundant. Still, it's unfortunate given how beloved the first two Paper Mario games are by many games.


Source: Kotaku


What are your thoughts on the Paper Mario series' new direction?

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