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Pink 3DS XLs are Coming Soon

Marcus Estrada

What better way to celebrate this consumer-driven month than with another new 3DS color? Specifically, the 3DS XL is getting a color which many will be excited about. It is the much-anticipated pink (and white) version! Although this system has been seen before briefly on a no-name shopping site, it is now officially heading to the US.


This news comes thanks to GameStop's latest ad, which features the system prominently. It is only noted as "coming soon", but that soon probably means before Christmas and New Year (or even this Sunday). Also of note for pink fans, GameStop has also called this a limited edition color. Whether or not that turns out to be the case though is currently unknown.


If you do decide to go through GameStop to get your pink on, then at least they're offering a promotion with it. However, it might not be the most exciting bunch of titles. You get your choice of one of the three Nintendogs + Cats games and a copy of Steel Diver.

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