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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Announced For Winter 2015 Release

Jason Clement

Surprisingly, Nintendo announced a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon today, this time titled Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. No plot or gameplay details are being provided at this time other than the fact that it will continue with the same Mystery Dungeon design in earlier games where dungeons are randomized each time you enter.


The last Pokemon game in the Mystery Dungeon series to release was Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity (which we reviewed positively here), one of the earlier titles to release on 3DS. However, the most recent Mystery Dungeon game overall was Etrian Mystery Dungeon, a first for combining the Etrian Odyssey series with Mystery Dungeon gameplay.


Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon will be releasing on 3DS in Winter 2015. Expect to hear more details surface when E3 begins next month.


Are you interested in playing another Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game?

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