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Pokemon X/Y Nintendo Direct Overview


Did you miss the second Nintendo Direct specifically for Pokemon X/Y this morning? I don't blame you--for American audiences it was at 7AM Eastern Standard Time, and even earlier for the rest of the country! Don't worry, though... here's a breakdown of the new features and surprises announced earlier this morning:


Pokemon Bank App Announced - Finally, we know how we can transfer our Generation V Pokemon into X/Y. The Pokemon Bank app, a separate download for the 3DS, allows you to take a copy of Pokemon Black/White or Pokemon Black 2/White 2 (with the help of another free app, Poke Transporter), and deposit the Pokemon into a cloud server. You can store up to 3,000 Pokemon at a time, and these Pokemon can then be withdrawn into Pokemon X/Y. You can also deposit and withdraw Pokemon from X/Y freely. The catch, however, is that Pokemon Bank has an annual fee of $5. This app is being planned to be used with future version of Pokemon.


You'll get two starter Pokemon - Game Freak decided to shake up the starter concept a bit. You'll get not only one starter, but two starters in Pokemon X/Y. Your friend will give you your first starter, which will be one of the new Generation VI Pokemon: Finnekin, Chespin, or Froakie. However, Professor Sycamore will also give you a second starter... one of the original starters from Red/Blue: Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur. Why? Well...




Mega Venusaur, Mega Charizard, and Mega Blastoise revealed - So you can eventually try out their Mega Evolutions, of course! Check out this separately released video to get a look at the newly announced Mega Evolutions:



Special Edition 3DS XLs Will Be Released September 27th - Two Special Editions Pokemon 3DS XLs, inspired by Pokemon X/Y, will be released worldwide... and a bit earlier than the games themselves. The new model XLs will be available September 27th at the standard $199.99 price. It's important to stress, however, that these XLs do not seem to come with the game in question.




That wraps up the Pokemon Nintendo Direct. It's a little over a month until X/Y's worldwide October 12th release... are you going to pick it up?

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