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Pokkén Tournament Announced for Arcades in Japan, Coming 2015

Jonathan Higgins

The “shocking” Pokémon announcement many have been waiting for was revealed this morning in the form of Pokkén Tournament. It“s a Pokémon fighting game being developed in collaboration with Namco-Bandai.


It“s coming to arcades in Japan sometime in 2015. A console release has not been officially confirmed yet, but the way Pokémon Company President Tsunekazu Ishihara phrased an answer during Q&A seemed to suggest that the game was coming to arcades first. The small teaser trailer they showed featured Lucario fighting Machamp.


As the Pokémon Company has done in the past, an English language trailer has been made available, despite the news pertaining solely to Japan (for now). You can watch it below!



Source(s): Official Website (JP), Siliconera

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