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Pokkén Tournament Confirmed for Wii U, Spring 2016 Global Launch

Jonathan Higgins

It“s been rocking arcades in Japan since July, and many fans were doubtful we“d see it anytime soon because it was missing at this year“s E3. But Pokkén Tournament was officially confirmed for Wii U at the Pokémon World Championship this morning, and it“s got a global release window of Spring 2016--you know, the cut-off date for many of this year“s E3 titles. I suspect they withheld news on Pokkén until now so they“d have something big to kick off the event with...which means we probably won“t hear news on a new Pokémon game for a little while longer, despite

. Who knows, though? I“ve certainly been wrong before.


Pokkén Tournament is a collaborative effort between Game Freak and the folks behind TEKKEN. It“s a traditional fighting game that pits Pokémon like Gengar, Pikachu and Suicune against each other in battles unlike anything you“ve ever seen before. You can check out the official North American trailer below! It“s almost fitting that today“s Individual Values concerns battling. Maybe when I get back from vacation in a few weeks, I“ll do a comprehensive write-up summarizing everything we know about Pokkén Tournament thus far.



Is everyone excited for Pokkén Tournament“s Wii U confirmation and release? Will you be picking up the game day one, or would you rather wait to hear more? Be sure to let us know!

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