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Project X Zone To See U.S. Release This Summer

Marcus Estrada

Here is a turn of events that few were expecting. The game Project X Zone was announced as coming for both the U.S. and Europe today. The X series is focused on bringing characters from different companies together in one world and hasn't always been available here. Namco X Capcom, for example, never left Japan. However, the likes of Cross Edge and Street Fighter X Tekken certainly did although they were both met with mixed feelings.


Those interested should note that Project X Zone is a 3DS exclusive. The game is basically a tactical RPG and features characters owned by Capcom, Namco Bandai, and Sega. This means a large chunk of the franchises owned by those companies will be represented within the game. Included are characters from Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Space Channel 5, Tekken and many others. Overall there are about 50 playable characters included, some from much more obscure games too.


Will 3DS fans take to this mashup game? With so many different franchises represented, it should hopefully appeal to more groups than your standard RPG. Project X Zone will be out in time for summer.



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