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Reggie confirms more unannounced 3DS games are coming

Jason Clement

With all of the hullabaloo over the Nintendo Switch recently, fans naturally assumed that Nintendo would be putting the 3DS out to pasture, especially since the Switch doubles as a handheld. But Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently reinforced Nintendo's dedication to their existing handheld for the near future.


WIRED's Chris Kohler shared a comment from an interview with Reggie that was cut from the final published piece, where the latter stated:

"There are [3DS] games that we haven't announced yet... that I know, Chris, are going to make you excited."


Reggie's public declaration of continued support for 3DS is great to hear, though the company hasn't commented on how long we can expect them to continue doing so. Will it be until the end of the year, or into 2018 and beyond?


It likely depends on how well the Switch is received. One of Nintendo's big goals is for Switch to hit 10 million units sold in the first year, something that both the Wii and PS4 achieved handily, but the Xbox One and Xbox 360 fell slightly short of. If Switch's sales trail off after the launch period, Nintendo would likely continue supporting 3DS for longer than it had initially intended, whereas if the opposite happens, 2017 might be the handheld's swan song.


In any case, it's great to know there will be more 3DS games coming throughout the year in addition to the games we already know of in Q1/Q2. Reggie's comment also makes it sound as if there is at least one surprise in the works, if not more. Could this be the long-awaited Mother 3 announcement, or even a confirmation of Dragon Quest XI for North America?


We'll have to wait and see. Nintendo generally announces their Q2 titles around March or April, and we'll find out what the Q3/Q4 lineup is at E3, so stay tuned.


Source: Chris Kohler (via Twitter)


Are you surprised that more unannounced 3DS games are coming this year?

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