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Renegade Kid Releases First Trailer for Treasurenauts

Jason Clement

Renegade Kid have their fingers in many pies nowadays, with horror episodic game Cult County having been announced earlier at PAX East, and Mutant Mudds 2 being confirmed to happen at some point. However, their next upcoming game is a new 3DS eShop title called Treasurenauts.


Today Renegade Kid head Jools Watsham rolled out the first trailer for the game, and as you'll be able to see, Treasurenauts is all about exploring and collecting...well, treasure! Even when you get hit by enemies, you lose treasure instead of health points or hearts, so you can see just how prominent the theme is in the game. It also sports a 8-bit pixelized aesthetic similar to the one in Mutant Mudds.


There's no specific release date yet for Treasurenauts, but Watsham says the game is coming to 3DS eShop soon. You can get a look at three of the game's playable characters (including one recognizable face) as well as the different weapons and levels you can expect to see in the final version in the video below.


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