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Rumor: Devil's Third Has Been Dropped By Nintendo of America

Jason Clement

Keen Nintendo fans may have noticed that one game was notably absent from Nintendo's E3 lineup this year. Of course, that title was Devil's Third, a mature-rated Wii U title being developed by ex-Team Ninja developer Tomonobu Itagaki.


Several media outlets inquired about the game's absence during E3, and Nintendo of America was mysteriously silent on the matter, offering no comments at all. Was this cause for concern regarding the game's release? Well, where there's smoke, there's fire, and if a recent rumor from Unseen64's Tamaki is anything to go by, NOA has now opted not to publish Devil's Third in North America.


Tamaki states that the reason lies mostly with poor reception regarding the game's gameplay during test sessions. This wouldn't be the first time NOA has rejected a game based on how well it plays either; Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime famously slammed Monolith Soft's Disaster: Day of Crisis years back, saying that he doesn't believe it's a $50 game and that the "audio was laughable." As a result, the game never released in North America.


However, this doesn't mean Devil's Third is out of the Western equation just yet. While NOA may have no plans to publish it in North America, Itagaki has recently reiterated that he is adamant that his game will be released in North and South America. Whether this means his studio, Valhalla Games, will self-publish on the eShop or if a third-party publisher will be brought on to help out remains unclear.





What are your thoughts on NOA dropping Devil's Third from their releaselineup?

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