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Skyward Sword Characters Confirmed To Be In Hyrule Warriors

Jason Clement

Today Famitsu confirmed a number of new characters to appear in the upcoming Zelda cross-over game, Hyrule Warriors. Last time we got a number of characters from Twilight Princess, including Midna and Agitha as well as that game's versions of Link and Zelda. This time, it's Skyward Sword's turn to have a few characters added.


First off the bat is Fi, the living embodiment and essence of the Master Sword that helped guide Link through that adventure. Unfortunately, not much is known about how Fi will fight, but expect to hear more in the coming days. In addition, two of Skyward Sword's antagonists, Ghirahim and The Imprisoned, will appear as enemies in Hyrule Warriors.


Also, much like with the alternate costumes from Twilight Princess, both Zelda and Link will receive costumes from their Skyward Sword counterparts.


Source: Famitsu (via The Escapist)


What are your thoughts on Fi being a playable character in the game?

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