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Nintendo confirms SNES Classic Edition pre-orders will hit at end of August

Jason Clement

Good news for those waiting on info about when they can pre-order the much sought-after upcoming SNES Classic Edition -- Nintendo has confirmed that pre-orders will officially roll out later this month.


The news comes as a relief to many since nothing has been said about when stores would offer pre-orders, and some rumors indicated that the big 'N' wanted retailers to not offer pre-orders but sell the stock on a first-come-first-serve basis while in-store.


Interestingly enough, this confirmation also comes in just under a week since Walmart infamously canceled all of their pre-orders of the SNES Classic Edition. The reason? Walmart claimed the listing went up too early and was the result of a technical glitch.


Rumors have also abounded about this situation, with some saying that it was a deliberate ploy to gauge just how crazy the market interest would be for SNES Classic Edition so Walmart could use the information to help Nintendo see they should produce more units this time around.


At any rate, there you have it: SNES Classic Edition pre-orders start at the end of this month.


Source: Nintendo (via Facebook)


Are you glad Nintendo has finally confirmed when pre-orders for SNES Classic will be taking place? Will you be buying one?

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