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Star Fox Zero Delayed to 2016, Miyamoto Explains

Jason Clement

In a year where we've already seen one big Nintendo game delayed (The Legend of Zelda for Wii U), the big N has unfortunately delayed another highly anticipated title -- Star Fox Zero.


Shigeru Miyamoto took to Facebook to explain the reasons for the delay, citing the fact that the team needed more time to polish each level, perfect tone of cutscenes, and delve into making the game a better two-screen experience. He also acknowledges that though the game could technically be ready for a Holiday release, the delay will allow for polishing that will ultimately make it a much better game.


The good news is that the game won't be delayed for too long. Nintendo is aiming to release Star Fox Zero in Q1 2016.


Source: Facebook


Are you disappointed that Star Fox Zero has been delayed?

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