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SteamWorld Dig Bringing a Robotic Old West To 3DS eShop Soon

Jason Clement

The 3DS eShop is about to get a brand new platformer in the form of SteamWorld Dig by developer Image & Form. Dubbed as a "hardcore platform mining adventure for 3DS," the game stars Rusty, a lone mining steambot who arrives to an old town in great need, and as he digs through the earth for riches, he'll discover an ancient threat.


You'll explore a vast underground world full of secrets and treasures with Rusty and interact with other bots in the town of Tumbleton in order to help restore it and earn upgrades. In addition, the worlds are randomized, meaning that there will be a high replayability factor to the game.


Image & Form is also touting the game's visuals, mentioning high-res graphics with dynamic lights and multiple, parallaxed background layers, which are sure to look pretty nice in 3D. So far the game looks and sounds pretty promising, and it's expected to have around 12 hours of play, so definitely keep your eyes on it if you're a fan of platformers, eShop games, or interesting concepts in general.


SteamWorld Dig makes its way to the 3DS eShop on August 8 for $8.99 in North America, €8.99 in Europe, and $11.99 in Australia. Check out the game's official website for a look at more screenshots.

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