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Still Need a Wii U? GameStop Has a Wait List

Marcus Estrada

Just last week Nintendo finally shared the information we had all been waiting for about the Wii U. Two prices were announced as well as a launch date on November 18th. After that, it only took until the next few days for practically every big retailer to stop taking preorders on the system. GameStop in particular was the first to declare the Deluxe Set was sold out.


A week after that announcement, GameStop has started up a Wii U Wait List. If you're a PowerUp Rewards member then you can give it a shot. You may be either a Pro or Free member and all that's required is that you visit a participating store and ask to be put on it. There's no deposit requirement or limit, and in fact won't even be allowed to put one down. All this list is for a small feeling of security that you are promised a Wii U system at some point.


When? As this is just a simple wait list you're really not going to be privy to any information. There's no way to know what number you are on the list or when exactly your system will arrive. Currently GameStop is even saying they can't promise that a system will be guaranteed to wait list individuals before the holidays are over. At the very least, they have said they will give monthly updates through email but didn't offer more detail. Once your system is available you have only 48 hours to pick it up or miss out.



Would you be willing to get on a wait list for the Wii U?

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